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Doug Dolman: Totem

On March 11, EXCAVO is proud to present an exhibition of work by London-based Artist Doug Dolman focused on Dolman’s career-long engagement with formulating meaning through different conceptual iterations of the self.  Abstract symbols function as translations of the imagination, given form with the brush through contrast and impasto in these powerfully elegiac works–at once deeply personal and referential to the world at large.

The first solo exhibition in London devoted to Dolman’s practice in over forty years, on view are works that reference Symbolist traditions in painting concerned with transmitting sensations through intuitive process. Subtle variations in experimentation with monochrome and surface recall the 60’s era work of Lucio Fontana and Robert Ryman, where technique was firmly linked to the behaviour of the medium in the creation of a systematic series.

About the Artist

Doug Dolman (b. 1938, Canada) was born in Hamilton, ON and studied at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art School of Art & Design, under Arthur Lismer, moving to Stockholm, Sweden in 1965 where he studied art at Konstkolan Idun Lovén. He divides his time between living in London, ON and on the Island of Gotland in Sweden and has an upcoming retrospective opening April 15, 2021 at McIntosh Gallery.



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