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Alison Bartlett: Time (0,0,0)

EXCAVO is holding a gathering on Sunday September 12, 2-6PM on the lawn at Blackfriars Estate – 90 Central Ave. London, ON, exhibiting material from Alison Bartlett’s most recent project – Time (0,0,0) – completed June 2021 during her residency at Le Domaine de Boisbuchet, Lessac, southwestern France.

Formally trained as an architect, Alison is interested in how space is subjectively experienced and represented in our built environment and how demarcations in the landscape can affect these experiences and ultimately our spatial perceptions.

A series of photographs display the three site-specific sculptures currently installed at Boisbuchet. Each sculpture was produced by casting the landscape with concrete, allowing the soil’s ochre pigments and earth’s topography to inform the object’s shape and texture. These sculptures, in turn, engage with the dynamic nature of their surroundings; effects of changing light and weather systems shifting the dimensionality each work. 

Alison has worked at architecture firms in New York and Mexico City and will be starting a M. Phil of Architecture and Urbanism at the Architectural Association, School of Architecture, London, England this Fall.