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Lauren Pelc-McArthur: Breakneck Glimmer

On Nov. 14, EXCAVO opens Breakneck Glimmer, an exhibition of new work by Toronto born, Montreal-based Artist Lauren Pelc-McArthur, curated by Moira McKee.

For her first solo exhibition with the Gallery, Pelc-McArthur’s practice continues to explore the relationship between fabricated dimensions and the experience of the viewer. Evoking the instability of the digital realm, Pelc-McArthur addresses a contemporary culture inundated with visual information via digital platforms and the subsequent distortion of how art is ultimately produced, disseminated and absorbed.

About the Artist

‘I am as unfaithful to abstraction as I am to representation and prioritize the immediate working image before me.  I seek stylistic boundaries and incongruities. The ‘terms’ of my painting work are under continual formation because – in an age of globalized art where continual evolution substitutes the development of movements – ‘Painting’ itself is under continual renegotiation.

The materiality of my work can be characterized by layers and erasures of brushstroke techniques. The surfaces oscillate from matte to glossy films. Sections of iridescent acrylic peek through veneers and blankets of space-defining oil paint.

Sci-fi tropes, screen aesthetics, and the flotsam and jetsam of ‘60s psychedelia inform my work as much as ‘Painting’ does. Macro-Microcosmic conceptions conflict with and populate the painted spaces/systems on the canvas.

I hope the jarring confusion resultant from attempting to reconcile incongruous elements will offer the beholder the pause of disorientation. Some shared experiences of the now.’

– Lauren Pelc-McArthur



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