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Marina Roca Die: Not Bodies

On Sept 19, EXCAVO opens Not Bodies, an exhibition of work by Madrid-based Artist Marina Roca Die.

Protean and mythological, Madrid born, Berlin-based Artist Marina Roca Die’s subjects explore the transformative power that nature has on our bodies through the acknowledgement and acceptance of physical change. Deconstructed, then expressively melded with botanical elements, these new, hybrid living beings depict the unconscious functions, tendencies and desires of the body.

Roca Die gradated with her Degree in Plastic Arts and Design from La Palma School of Art, Madrid, studying Chinese Painting techniques under Master Li Chi Pang and the Anatomy of the Human Body at the world-renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London.

We are thrilled to feature the Artist’s first exhibition in North America.

About the Artist

Marina Roca Die (b. 1988, Madrid) is a visual artist primarily working in painting and drawing currently living and working between Berlin and Madrid.

Through thick strokes of oil paint, heavily fixating the figure of a body onto the canvas, or flimsy pen-drawn contours of an intercourse, what is essential in Roca Die’s work is the ongoing exploration and examination of our corporeal presence.

Through representations employed from Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, and Feminism, Roca Die digs deep into the perplexed territory of the body.

‘A body, the body, our bodies–a phenomenon so fundamental and basic in our lives and still, in the flesh, so imperceptible. We live through it, in it, with it and sometimes against it. We cannot live without it. It is a perpetual paradox: I am not my body and yet I do not exist without it. It is a vessel containing all that is I, but still ceaselessly this I overflows its enclosing borders.’

– Marina Roca Die



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