Jeff Willmore: A Pocket Survey

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Jeff Willmore: A Pocket Survey

Over the course of his career, Jeff Willmore has devoted his practice to investigating the contemporary meaning of his environment by compulsively recording his surroundings. From his abstracted plein air paintings to the creation of flattened aerial scenes depicting anonymous subjects, to streetscapes invigorated by composite imagery, these alternate views venture away from representation to a place where active memories merge with imagination to form engrossing narratives that speak to how we digest information and its effect on our perceptions.

A Pocket Survey features a retrospective of 29 works spanning from 1996-2019, many never before exhibited, curated by Moira McKee.


Jeff Willmore has established a strong regional profile with work that can be found in the collections of the Canada Council Art Bank, Western University and Museum London among others. He was awarded the RBC Canadian Painting Competition prize as runner-up in 1999 and has served on granting juries for the Ontario Arts Council.


Available Work