Lauren Pelc-McArthur and Michael Thompson: Echoringer

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Lauren Pelc-McArthur and Michael Thompson: Echoringer

On September 3, EXCAVO celebrates the opening of Echoringer featuring new work by Toronto-born, Montreal-based artist Lauren Pelc-McArthur and London, ON artist, Michael Thompson, curated by Moira McKee. 

For their joint exhibition with the gallery, Pelc-McArthur and Thompson address myths and illusions with an anxiety that gestures to the real, the fateful and inescapable. Myths require repetition and constant renegotiation for their preservation, which is not unlike the contemporary terms of painting, where continual evolution substitutes the development of concretely defined artistic movements.

Vintage photographs, sci-fi tropes, screen aesthetics and ’60’s psychedelia forego their original contexts in these works, culminating in uncanny scenes that function as a proxy for reality; defamiliarizing the familiar.

About the Artists

A Concordia University MFA Graduate and 2018 RBC Painting Award Finalist, Pelc-McArthur received the 2019 Nancy Petry Foundation Award for outstanding emerging Canadian artist in the field of painting. A Graduate from Western University’s BFA program, Thompson is a University of Guelph MFA Candidate recently completing a studio-intensive residency at The Slade School of Fine Art at University College London, England. 


Lauren Pelc-McArthur                     Michael Thompson

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