Mission & History

EXCAVO is a full-service Art Appraisal and Consultancy practice, offering Appraisal Services in Fine and Decorative Arts and developing curated collections for hospitality, healthcare, corporate and residential spaces. Focused on promoting the exploration of visual culture in affecting and innovative ways; we execute appraisals and custom art programs on a per-project basis with every client and budget—including support and services, project management and fulfillment.

Founded by Moira McKee, B.A. (Hons), CPPA, EXCAVO brings a well-rounded and informed perspective to the contemporary art market with credentials and certifications including the following: Canadian Personal Property Appraiser (CPPA) accreditation, Honours Specialization in Art History & Criticism from The University of Western Ontario (UWO) and Appraisal Studies in Fine and Decorative Arts from New York University (NYU). A combination of experience working within the auction and not-for-profit gallery sectors further allow for the implementation of au courant art services that incorporate a love for both historicity and innovation.